Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Enrique Peña Nieto Is Worth Knowing

The rather beautiful Enrique Peña Nieto is possibly the most popular presidential candidate for Mexico in years. For many people in the country, he is the best bet for the coming elections. Nieto presents a formidable, nail-biting challenge to the other presidentiables.

Although the formal campaigning has yet to begin, Nieto seems to already be on the up and up with the voting population. Nieto's talents at addressing the people are well-known, and they have served him well for some time now. Nieto also happens to be an extremely charismatic person, with an innate magnetism.

There are a lot of rumors around Nieto, such as the one that claims that he got so popular because he drew up an agreement with Televisa. They say that he paid off the media conglomerate to get it to repeatedly show news about the things he has already achieved, in a sort of TV campaign. This, they allege, is the primary cause of Televisa's unceasing broadcasts of Nieto's accomplishments.

It is worth noting that people only began talking about this supposed deal following Nieto's admission of a relationship with Ms. Rivera of Televisa. Rivera is a leading Televisa soap opera actress and one of the network's biggest moneymakers. He was married to Rivera three years after the death of his first wife, Monica Pretelini.

Pena Nieto and Pretelini had three children, namely Paulina, Alejandro and Nicole. It was while Nieto was functioning as a governor for the state of Mexico that his first wife died. Ladies became more interested in Nieto after that, seeking to become the next Mrs. Nieto.

There is even more to Nieto than his fame as a desired bachelor (at least, before Rivera), though. He is also known for having solicited a great many requests and made promises to fulfill them. His work has been primarily concerned with infrastructure development.

When the infrastructure stated in these compromisos were finally erected, Pena Nieto turned into massive social affairs the inauguration of multiple public works projects week after week. The result is that the prevailing view of Nieto paints him as a character who, contrary to other politicians, actually does what he says he shall do. Detractors do say, though, that the lavish inaugurations for his public works were even more expensive than the actual public works.

Nieto also got some flak for something that happened in the Guadalajara Book Fair. It was discovered during the fair that Nieto was not capable of remembering the names of the people who had written some of his "top" books to read. Nieto was noted to have said that he usually forgot these details, being more interested in the tome's contents.

His detractors basically had a field day when this happened. When one of his daughters was asked about it, she delivered a rather emotional response that may not have been wise. Even now, in spite of all the politician's efforts to stem the critics, they are still making fun of him for his alleged lack of intellectualism.

Enrique Peña Nieto has stated that many of the things he says are often misinterpreted by critics. Still, he has the strongest presidential bid to date. Surveys and polls are indicating that he may well be the next Mexican president.

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